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Hoshana Management Group, LLC 

315 Deaderick Street, St. 1550

Nashville, Tennesee, 37238


Hoshana Management Group, LLC 

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Hoshana Management Group (HMG) is a management consulting firm that creates and maintains deep rooted relationships for the private sector, government agencies, community organizations, and investors to improve low-income communities. Our approach is relationship building through face to face networking with leaders and groups that share a common interest in transforming lives. Our current projects address solutions in areas such as funding, community engagement, employment, and nonprofit development. The firm is based in middle Tennessee and currently focuses on providing development and engagement solutions to the Greater North Nashville area. 


HMG is dedicated to providing solutions to community leaders, businesses, and government agencies that serve or do business in low-income communities to transform distressed communities into healthy, peaceful, progressing environments. Not only can you retain the expert insight of diverse business consultants that serve diverse communities, but HMG can design a customized grassroots marketing campaign that will enhance your brand and performance in low-income and diverse communities. Sustainable communities help fight the war on poverty, and plays a vital role towards the decrease of crime. Public-private partnerships is why Hoshana Management Group exists. 


Small businesses have always been the backbone of America. Today, fully one half of all workers in the private sector are employed by the nation’s twenty-two million small businesses. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors of every size and importance generate half of our country’s gross domestic product and pay $1.5 trillion in payroll. As an advocate of private sector and small businesses, HMG takes pride in re-energizing complacent communities to ensure the businesses of today have every available resource to reach new heights.



Who do we work with?

  • Publicly owned corporations

  • Private Corporations

  • Charitable organizations or NGO

  • Federal, provincial/state or municipal government agencies

  • University or college

Managing Partners


Co-Founder & Chairman

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Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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