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Operating since 2010, Hoshana Management Group began as a sole proprietorship with Danavan Hylton serving as an independent sales representative helping nonprofit organizations raise funds to support the overall development of distressed communities. Through countless successful campaigns, the company began to attract the attention of small and mid-size businesses that needed help engaging low-income and diverse communities. HMG has since grown into a full service business consulting company assisting government agencies, community benefit organizations and private businesses increase their overall performance while introducing their clients to development opportunities in low-income and diverse communities. 


Hoshana Management Group is dedicated to transforming     low-income communities into healthy, peaceful, progressing environments by enhancing the brand and performance of our clients.



To be the most respected, influential management consulting firm that provides global economic and community development solutions for low-income communities, and undisputed preferred consulting firm for community benefit organizations, government agencies and private capital networks that provide socioeconomic resources.



Hoshana Management Group aims to serve as a resource for clients that are eager to transform low-income communities. 



Hoshana Management Group began its operation by volunteering on community service projects and has transformed into a city leader in strategic partnerships and community engagement. Through a growing network of partners within the private and public sectors, HMG continues to provide its clients with performance enhancement solutions that increase the awareness of our client's products and services. 


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